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The great Auk, Pinguinus impennis, was a flightless bird that became extinct in the mid 19th century. The last confirmed kill of the last known couple took place on Eldey in 1844, an island off the coast of Iceland.

To honor this great bird, the first unofficial symbol of early environmental laws, we want to create an awareness of this great bird by inviting customers of Go Iceland Car rental to enter our monthly photo/video contest.

Use your imagination and stage this stuffed bird wherever you see fit. Capture your favorite scene with the bird in the picture/video and you have a chance of winning a full refund of your car rental expense (fuel not included).

The Great Auk Competition

To enter the competition, take as many pictures & videos you want with the great Auk clearly visible and post them on any or all of the following social media sites:


Tweet us @Goicelandcom with the hashtag #GoIceland


Post on Instagram with the hashtag #GoIceland


You can post on our wall at: https://www.facebook.com/goicelandcarrental and add the hashtag #GoIceland with every picture/video.


Upload a video on Youtube and add „GoIceland“ in the title and „Go Iceland car rental“ in the tags. You may then, if you want, post that video on any of the above media for an increased chance of winning.

You may post as many photos/videos as you want. The same photo/video may appear on any or all of the mentioned social media sites.

The monthly winner will be announced here on our blog and on our Twitterpage and on our Facebook wall.

Safe travels!  #GoIceland