Top 10 Activities in Iceland

So you are sitting in your rental car in Iceland, ready to face serious adventure but the question still remains, what now? There are so many interesting things to do here, different ways to enjoy Iceland. Here is a list we put together with adventures out of the ordinary ones like bus tours, whale watching, horse riding and trips to hot springs.


1. River jet

River jet boat in IcelandWhat could be more fun that traveling at great speed up and down white water river? The place is situated within the Golden circle so it’s easy access while you are driving to or from Gullfoss and Geysir. It’s a very fast ride and you will get wet but not to worry, they provide you with a suit and helmet. The tour lasts for 1 hour and 40 minutes. You can read about the jet boats here!


GPS coordinates:  64° 9’20.26″N –  20°22’9.94″W

2. Spelunking

thrihnukagigur, the deepest cave in IcelandThere are a few caves in Iceland but the most stunning one must be Þríhnúkagígur (Thrihnukagigur). You’ll be slowly lowered down 120 m (394 feet) down a shaft that just gets bigger and bigger. You can bring your camera and preferably a huge flash too so you can capture this amazing cave. You don’t need to be a spelunker nor an athlete to do this but you should wear decent walking shoes and be dressed in proper outdoor clothing. The organizers will pick you up at your hotel and drop you off there too. They provide you with all the equipment like helmets and lights. You will also be served the traditional Icelandic meat soup. This is truly an exciting trip to do and doesn’t require much from you except good clothes, a good spirit and leave the high anxiety at home! Find out more about this amazing trip right here!



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3. Snorkeling in Silfra

snorkeling in Silfra, IcelandIf you are looking for an experience like nothing else, you should try out a snorkeling in Silfra with Magmadive. Not only is the water clearer than you have ever seen, hanging around with Magmadive is an added bonus and he will serve you hot organic beverages and snacks after the dive. The tour includes a pick up and drop off and all the diving gear you need. You need to bring warm clothes. You don’t have to be a diver to do this. David will take care of you and before you know it, you will float weightlessly in gin clear water and you will think you are flying for the visibility there is around 150 m (492 feet).


4. Helicopter tours

Helicopter tour in IcelandTo truly appreciate the beauty, the size, the colors of Iceland, one should take a helicopter tour across the plains, over the mountains and into inhabited valley, places hard to reach, places few have seen. Nordurflug offers different tours, suiting your needs and wants. You will be able to take the wildest pictures on this trip, together with an amazing experience. You can even order a custom tour to suit your needs or longings. There is really no other way to fully appreciate the geology in Iceland, to see the full spectrum of what Iceland has to offer. It’s either this or choosing very long hikes to reach these places the helicopter can take you with ease.



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5. Paragliding

Paragliding in IcelandTaking a helicopter ride is not the only way to see Iceland from the air. An even more exhilarating experience might be to take a paragliding tour. Again, you don’t have to be experienced to do this. You have professionals that will be with you all the way. The whole trip takes around 2 hours and you can choose your own schedule with pick and everything. Make sure you wear sturdy shoes and warm clothes. You could also choose to go around the south coast in a big 4×4 and make a tandem flight or two on that trip.

You can contact Paragliding Iceland to find out more!


6. Surfing in Iceland

Surfing in IcelandYes, you read correct. Surfing is an up and coming sport here in Iceland and the south coast offers many fantastic opportunities to do what so many people loves to do, to ride the waves and feel free.  We often have big, rolling waves just made for surfing. Admittedly, the water is not nice and toasty but a proper wet suit (provided by the company) will keep you warm so you can enjoy your ride on the waves. Iceland activities also offers hotel pick up and drop offs. Beginners will get tutoring from the guides while experienced ones can just hit the waves upon arrival at the beach. The guys at the company will also take pictures and videos of you that you can bring home to prove you have actually been surfing in Iceland. Just bring your own memory device.


7. Hard core offroading

Offroad driving in IcelandFor the serious adrenaline junkie, you must try sit in a serious off-road vehicle with anything between 600 to 1000 hp. We promise, the experience will not leave you untouched. It’s called offroad formula for a reason. These vehicles climb walls and comes on top of them flying through the air. This is an activity you enter at your own risk for it is very violent, very, very fast and seriously fun! When taking these rides, the following rules has to be applied:

– Driving suit approved by FIA or SFI.
– Full face helmet.
– Splinter safe goggles.
– Full circle neck brace.
– Racing seats and 5 point harness.
The organizers makes sure all of them are followed and, as often, they also offer pick ups but you can drive there by yourself too in your rental call. Contact Extreme Iceland for more information about this very high adrenaline activity.


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8. Into the glacier

Manmade cave in Iceland, going deep into a glacierThere is another cave one has to visit but this one is a man made one and goes deep under a glacier. One of the newest hot spots in Iceland. You can drive all the way to the base if you want to but it’s only accessible  with 4×4 cars. You’ll explore the glacier cave deep inside Iceland’s second largest glacier and you will see the deep blue heat of the glacier. A very exclusive experience.

If you want to do this, remember to dress warmly with proper shoes for you will be surrounded by ice and water and it’s cold. If you drive yourself to Klaki base, a shuttle with take you to the glacier from there and you have free WiFi on-board so you can post your pics while on the trip. Read all about it here!


GPS coordinates: N64 39.014 W20 34.962

9. ATV Buggy tour

ATV Adventure in IcelandIf you don’t get enough of driving your rental car, why not join an ATV buggy tour? There are so many places that you just can’t access in a car, even if you have rented a 4×4. The ATV buggy will stretch your reach into the interior of Iceland in a very fun way. There are many different tours to choose from . To find out more, visit the homepage of Safari. You need to bring your rough outdoor clothes and good walking boots helps too for it will be dirty, wet and FUN.

GPS Coordinates: N 64° 8.032′ W 21° 45.197′

10. Viking village

Viking village in IcelandWhile driving north from Höfn, you should make a stop at a viking village replica that was build in 2010 for a movie that was never shot. But now times are better and a deal has been made between the Icelandic director Baltazar Kormákur and Universal to shoot the movie Vikingr. It’s a place where few have stopped yet and for a minor fee we are told, you can roam the grounds freely to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. If the movie will be a success, you can be sure the site will be a very popular one. It lies just under 4 km (2,43 miles) south of the ringroad after you have passed Höfn, going north and have driven around the bay. Before you come to the tunnel, you make a left turn and just drive a few minutes. You can’t miss it.

GPS Coordinates:  64°15’37.43″N  14°59’10.08″W

There are so many different, out of the ordinary tours and activities one can partake in here in Iceland. This is just ten of them. Whatever your hobby is, interests, we are confident you’ll find something for everyone except for riding elephants. There are no elephants in Iceland! 🙂


Happy exploring!  #GoIceland


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