The Storm Diddú in Iceland

The storm that started yesterday is named Diddú after an Icelandic singer. Yesterday the medias where full of warnings about the oncoming stom. We at Go Iceland Car Rental did our best to warn our customers of the approaching storm. We tried calling everyone who is here now to warn them. Unfortunately we only reached a few but as far as we know today, everybody are ok and that goes for everyone in Iceland. We have not heard of any personal injuries but  there were extensive property damages all around Iceland.

There is still extensive closures on the ringroad around Iceland but many are expected to be opened around noon. The roads with be very slippery due to heavy rains on the icy roads. There are wbcams placed all around Iceland so you can check out the road conditions here!

The weather prediction until noon is:

Southeast and east 20-28 m/s. Rain or sleet, but mostly dry in NE-Iceland. Temperature 2 to 7 deg. C. Decreasing southerly winds around noon, 10-18 in the afternoon and showers of rain or sleet. Becoming colder. Light variable wind tomorrow, mostly dry and frost 0 til 5 degrees.

And for the next days:

On Wednesday: North wind 8 to 13 m/s and snow or snow showers at the northwest coast, else lighter variable wind and broken clouds. Frost 0 to -10 deg. C., coldest in the inner country. On Thursday: Northeast 5 to 13 m/s and snow showers, especially at the north and east coast, but mostly dry in the south and west. No significant temperature changes. On Friday: Light northeast wind, broken clouds and intermittent snow showers in the north and east. Continuing cold temperatures. On Saturday: Westerly or variable wind and bright weather, but slight snow showers in the west. No significant temperature changes. On Sunday: Looks like easterly wind, little precipitation and cold temperatures.

The weather predictions are from the Icelandic Met Office.

These areas in the picture below are without power as of 9AM (8/12)

Blackouts in Iceland 8th of December 2015

The Icelandic search and rescue teams responded to over 340 calls during the night. Most emergency calls came from the south side but now they are getting more from the north due to the storm moving in a northerly direction. Over 770 ICE-SAR members took part in last night’s rescues. Keep in mind that ICE-SAR works on a voluntary basis and are there for you so when you travel around Iceland at any point of the year, feel free to donate something for them so they can keep thier incredible organisation going and maybe help you in times of need.

ICE-SAR in Iceland helping out drivers in distress

If you are venturing on a drive today, make sure you have all the information as to road condition, black outs, weather predictions, destination weather when you leave. Your rental car is equipped with studded tires for your safety but it does not relief you from driving safely. Also have in mind that anyone out driving, badly equipped, unsecure drivers and so on, not only puts themselves in danger, they also disturb any possible rescue work going on in that area.

Keep yourself updated at all times and never take any chances!


Stay Safe!  #GoIceland