The Great Auk’s vacation 2013

The great Auk and his freinds went to the North territories in Canada for some fishing. The car they traveled in was not like this rental car but good enough to make the trip.

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He loves to fish and eat fish and here you have a pic when he is fishing for Pike & Walleyes in the great La Grande riveríe. Cree country. His friends need to cover themselves at all times for Mosquitoes but not the Great Auk. He was in heaven.

Bears was something they needed to be careful of and the finding of these very fresh bear tracks, didn’t make him sleep better.

Like most birds, the Great Auk likes fish….well cooked and here is overseeing the cooking of Walleyes they caught earlier.

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The Great Auk’s favorite gas station in the Indian village of Chisasibi.

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The trip ended by the group visiting Hudson bay where the Great Auk took a long swim and enjoyed every minute of it.

Safe travels!  #GoIceland