Roadtrip around Iceland

Driving in Iceland in the fall

Iceland has become a tourist destination that stretches beyond the summer season. Many people are attracted to the dynamic weather, the season change and a little less of the hustle and bustle of ordinary vacation time. To make your trip more enjoyable and so you won’t miss out anything, we compiled a small list on what you should have in mind if you choose to drive around Iceland in the fall.

Northern lights (Aurora Borealis)

As soon as the stunning summer light has left us, there is a chance you can get to see the Northern lights. You can get a Northern lights forecast at the Icelandic met office’s website. Before you go to bed in the evening, take a peek outside, you’ll never know if there is Northern lights going on or not. The darker the surroundings are, the greater the chance is you might see something.

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The change of season

Although Iceland is not covered by big leafy trees, autumn can be so stunning at times with its big fields and big mountains being painted in the most vivid colors by the setting sun. Rays of sun can penetrate through the thickest blankets of clouds and display the most divine images but don’t let that distract you. Stop the car, take a load off, snap some pictures and enjoy the scenery.

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Icelandic weather

It is often said that Iceland can have 5 types of weather in a day and that is all true. It is especially true during the fall. It can change from the most glorious sunny day to a nasty storm with a blink of an eye. But that is nothing to be afraid of. Just be prepared. Make sure you follow the weather forecast and have your walking boots close by. Download the 112 App (112 is Iceland’s 911 number) and just be prepared and enjoy. It’s a great feeling to get to know the temperamental weather in Iceland.

If there is a storm warning, you should not drive over highland roads or mountain passes. Again, as always, just be prepared and know what’s ahead and you will have a fantastic time. Plan your Iceland trip by letting the hotel know where you are going and when you are expected. If your car would break down, it will be so much easier to assist!

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Driving the ringroad

If you are on the road during sunset or sunrise, the light can be intense so wear shades and keep your speed. Heavy rains might make some roads slippery than other others and if there has been a night frost, the roads might even be frozen. Black ice is very very slippery but any unfortunate events can be avoided by only driving the speed the roads allow you to. And remember, if you want a chance of winning back your full rental fee, take part of the Great Auk competition! 🙂

Safe travels and take in as much as you can!  #GoIceland