Mountain roads and F-roads

For all of you who have rented a 4×4 can now visit the highlands of Iceland. Now when we are well into the summer our mountain roads and F-roads are opening up and some of them are very easy to drive. F-roads are mountain roads marked F and can be, at times, very rough. Caution is always required when driving in the highlands.

F-roads in Iceland

When driving on F-roads expect the unexpected like big pot holes, rocks, very loose gravel, sheep, tight corners, soft shoulders, roads broken by running water and oncoming traffic. Many roads requires fording to pass but keep in mind that no insurances covers possible damages caused while fording a river.

Passable F-roads in Iceland

The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration updates their page continuously so you can be updated at all times. It’s not recommended to to go off on a drive on F-roads without knowing what’s ahead. You can keep yourself updated here!

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Emergency app for IcelandThere are a few ways you can increase your safety while on a trip in the highlands. First thing you should do is to install the safety app we have here in Iceland. It has two purposes. Of course the obvious, if you find yourself in an emergency, you hit the red button. A text is then sent to the emergency service and remember that even if it seems you are out of range from any mobile network, the phone might still be able to send the text.

Then there is the second function. While traveling around, you can always hit the green button here and there. Then you send a message of your whereabouts, making it easier to find you in case of an emergency. Only the last five locations are stored and don’t think you are disturbing anyone by doing that, it’s there for you.  A very smart thing.

Personal Location Beacon to rent in Iceland

Before embarking on your adventure, make a plan. Decide where you are going, what roads you will be driving and how long you expect to be on the road. When you have finalized it, give it to someone like your hotel or you can send you itinerary to Safe Travel. They are there for you so please use them.

The people at Safe Travel have now added another service to help you out in case of n emergency. Now they have a Personal Location Beacon (PLB) they rent to tourists. It’s a brilliant little thing, a distress radio beacon or emergency beacon, a radio transmitter that you can activate wherever you are if something happens.

You can find more information here so you know where you can rent the PLB. Unless you are deep in a cave, the signal from this beacon will always be found by the rescue authorities.

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Use common sense while you are driving around and take your time. When you want to take pictures (which you will want like every other minute), park your rental car where it does not pose any danger for others and be aware of passing cars as stones might come flying, or dust. Decide where you want to go, what you want to see off the beaten path and then make sure the roads are passable. If you ever feel uncomfortable with a particular road, don’t drive there. There are others to choose from. Being unsure, stressed, tired or even sun can all cause an accident and you don’t want to ruin an otherwise wonderful vacation.

Have a great trip!  #GoIceland

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