Higher fines for traffic offences

Finally you are on the Ring road, enjoying everything Iceland has to offer but be aware, 1st of May most fines for traffic offences/violations increased greatly. The second highest increase is 400% (which will not affect you, only car owners, not people in rental cars).

The absolutely highest raise is the fines for talking/texting on a cell phone without any hands free equipment while driving!. They raised that one with 800%. The reason being that a new study shows that 25% of all fatal accidents are caused by texting while driving, surpassing fatal accidents from while driving under the influence among the younger generation. It is believed the accident rate here due to texting is about the same but we are lucky so far that fatal accidents has not increased with the text accidents.

Here are a few of the new fines from 1st of May 2018:

Offence Before Now
Driving above 67km/h where the limit is 30km/h 40.000ISK 90.000ISK
Driving above 88km/h where the limit is 88km/h 40.000ISK 65.000ISK
Driving over 160km/h where the limit is 90km/h 150.000ISK 240.000ISK
Using cellphone without hands-free equipment while driving 5.000ISK 40.000ISK
Driving over red light 15.000ISK 30.000ISK
Seat belt not in use while driving 10.000ISK 20.000ISK
No lights during day 5.000ISK 20.000ISK
Not respecting the “Give away” sign 15.000ISK 30.000ISK
Driving under the influence (Alcohol and/or drugs) 20.000ISK 60.000ISK
Highest driving under the influence fines 240.000ISK 320.000ISK
NEW: Bicycling over red light 20.000ISK

We, of course, want you to enjoy your vacation around Iceland and spend money on fun stuff and not on fines, so take it easy out there. Read everything you need to know before driving in Iceland to make sure you are fully prepared.

If you are unfortunate and do get into a minor accident with your rental car, read our post “Rental car damage assessment” to know how the damages are assessed.

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Safe travels!  #GoIceland

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