FIFA World Cup 2018 Iceland

Iceland, the smallest nation in the world to ever qualify to the FIFA World cup in football (soccer for you Americans) will soon step up on the world scene when they will meet Argentina in their first match on 16th of June this summer. And you better know it, wherever you will be in Iceland when any first three matches are played, you are in for some serious craziness, let’s not ever dare to think the though of what would happen if we would go on to the next group but let’s not rush it.  Here are the facts:

The World cup starts with the hosts Russia will kick the tournament off on Thursday June 14, 2018. 32 team will be fighting for the championship and Iceland is one of them. Iceland is in group D together with Argentina, Nigeria & Croatia.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Match schedule
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Maybe people remember the Iceland epidemic that went around the world when Iceland did very well to begin with in the European cup 2016.  Every bar, restaurant and many other places all around Iceland were broadcasting the matches which was closely followed all around the world. When Iceland won over England, the screaming, the celebrations seems to go on forever so it’s easy to imagine the anticipation, the hopes for this World cup.

Wherever your rental car will take you on your trip around Iceland, try to join the festivities. Iceland’s first match is on the 16th of June at 1pm GMT against Argentina, a match where Iceland is already playing against the odds (as they did in the European cup).

Iceland vs Argentina 2018

Many towns and villages will have an event around the Iceland match dates like giant screens with the live broadcast, pre & post parties and you are welcome to join the festivities wherever you are.  Keep in mind that “Day after” driving is when many get caught with too much alcohol in their blood. Icelandic law prohibits driving under the influence and fines are very high.

So if you are here in Iceland on the 16th, 22nd and/or the 26th of June, try to be at a place that shows the matches, even if you are not interested in football (soccer) for you will be in for a treat. This event is more rare than the appearance of Halley’s comet which can be seen every 74 to 79 years! HUH!!! 🙂


Happy travels!  #GoIceland

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