Camping in Iceland

Imagine yourself driving through the stunning landscape of Iceland. You have been driving all day in no rush, you haven’t booked any accommodation and you want to stay exacly where you are. Then camping in Iceland might be for you.

Camping in Iceland

There are camping sites spread all over the island (not in the highlands). The types of camping sites are from simple fields where you just get permission from the farmer to camp, to more elaborate one with toilets, showers, maybe a swimming pool, electricity, restaurants, sport facilities motorhome waste disposal and so on. Free WiFi is something our customers of Campervans & Motorhomes don’t have to think about because all our Campervans (and motorhomes) come with free WiFi! Camping sites in Iceland can be categorized in four main groups:

West Iceland

North Iceland

East Iceland

South Iceland

A map of all the Camping sites in Iceland

There are many sites conveniently located close to the main roads but some are hidden gems in lush valley, some close to magestic glaciers. Do you research on where you want to go, what you want to see and so on, and then yo can pinpoint your destination in your GPS which we supply with all our Campervans & Motorhomes.

If you are not renting a Campervan, you can always rent a tent if you are not bring your own. So can you camp wherever in Iceland? Well, common sense is a good thing. You don’t want to camp in someone’s garden (that has happened more than once here) but the law states:

Can you camp everywhere in Iceland?

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So there you have it. Get your Campervan, Motorhome, tent or a camper and spend your vacation camping around Iceland.

Happy Camping!  #GoIceland